Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sewing Thursday Part 2

This post very nearly didn't happen today, as my sewing machine decided it was going to work properly!! However after fighting with it for a while, I got it going.

I have showed this before. But this is my machine that my gran gave me. It's an old Singer from the 60's. But this baby still work is like a charm. When I work it right lol. It's an electric foot peddle or on the right hand side is a turning handle.

So first above you want to have your pre cut material with both outside faces facing each other. So that the underneath of both materials can be seen.

Place it in you machine and go for it. I always use the handle first. As there is nothing more annoying than getting to the end and realising that it wasn't actually stitching. So use the handle first to make sure it is stitching.

You need to remember to guide it through the machine. I try to stitch slowly so I can see what I'm doing better

Here I have done 2 different rows of material. I haven't took a picture. But now I would normally iron my material flat. So that my joins were flat. This makes it easier to see these two together.

Again you want the outer face facing each other.

Put it into the machine. Start it off by using the handle then slowly start to use the peddle

An there you go. You have the start of your quilt!! Super easy once you know what your doing with it.

Next week I am contemplating. Starting to cut up Holly's clothes. Exciting stuff.
L x


  1. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law are both avid quilters- I'm scared to death of doing a quilt because I have a feeling it will just turn out completely wonky. Your pics make it look so easy though!! Hmmmmm- maybe I need to attempt one some day soon :)

    1. it is easy once you know what your doing. I suggest you watch quilting videos on youtube. They helped me alot :)