Thursday, 20 March 2014

Quilting Thursday

So today I was going to do a cooking recipe. But I decided that ever Thursday, I would do a blog about what stage of quilting I'm at.

I have been practicing for a while now on packs of material like these.

These are, depending on the size of pack you get, £13 from Hobbycraft. I liked these as I didn't want to dive straight into doing Holly's clothes with out practising.

Then I had to get the tools I felt comfortable using. Some people feel easy using scissors. However I was having difficulty getting the cut lines straight. So I use a rotary blade.

Also in that picture is a folding board I use for making my cards. But it's excellent for using the lines to cut the material.

I will lay my fabric out flat, then at which ever cm I pick, start to run the blade up and down the straight line. Sometimes depending in the material, It won't cut properly. So that's when I break out my cutting board and just carefully run the blade of the marked in lines.

Once all of this has been done. I ended up with this.

These pieces of fabric will all match up. Then it's time to break out that sewing machine. However I will keep sewing till next week. This week I just wanted to let you know where I got my stuff and how I measured and cut :)

L x

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