Sunday, 30 March 2014

Our Week In Photos 24.03.14 - 30.03.14

There have been another couple of firsts this week for Holly which I am so proud of!!

Above was Monday, and it looks like Cheety cat has finally excepted Pickles.

Tuesday, Holly walked from the car to the house for the first time ever!!

Wednesday, I'm not to sure spring has sprung yet, with it only being 2c and having to scrap my car before work.

Thursday, Holly needed a rest so sat like this on her pram for ages lol

Friday we were making silly noises and I love this picture!!

Saturday was earth hour!! I love this picture with the double rainbow in it!! I participated, did you?

An finally another first for Holly this Sunday when she pointed out her grandad and actually said his name!!!
L x


  1. Your little girl is too cute!! <3<3

  2. she is such a doll !! Awesome pics dear :) thanks for sharing with us ! xx