Sunday, 23 March 2014

Our Week In Photos 17.03.14 - 23.03.14

This week both of us tried a tuna steak for this first time!! This one is mine with the chillies (Holly's didn't have chillies) I thought it was ok. I could eat it if I was starving to death. Holly on the other hand, not so much lol

It's nearly also officially spring. Clocks spring forward next weekend, and I can't wait for the light mornings and nights! Might actually start being able to garden.

I found this picture which I really like. I want to redecorate Holly's room soon and really like this colour scheme.

Holly had sore teeth again this week. So I gave her a frozen carrot to chew on, and it really helped :) she didn't eat it tho. I found the chewed up carrot lying in her chair later that night.

At work on Friday, I had the below for breakfast. Toasted roll with scrambled egg and gravelaxe with dill sauce mmmmmmm :)

Last but not least, Holly has started to empty things and put everything back in. Here she is putting all her wotsists back in her bowl.

L x

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