Monday, 24 March 2014

Mummy Mani Monday

Today I'm going to show you this new nail polish by Rimmel called Sweetie Crush. I think this is perfect for busy mums and here's why.

The only way I can describe this product is, it's like they have crushed sugar into the nail polish. Once on your fingers, it's very course and gritty. I am assuming that's where sweetie crush comes from.

As you can see my nails aren't the best just now. They have got really weak lately. I have heard though, that if you eat a cube of jelly each day, the gelatine in it helps keep ur nails strong. So I will let you know if that works.

When I'm doing my nails, I always quickly just smooth down the edges. I can't stand if my nails have sharp edges. This is Holly's baby nail file. I fine this works better on my weak nails, as it's softer than normal nail files.

This is the consistency, it is thicker than some of the other nail varnishes I have used. I really like how it has a wide brush. This makes it quicker to apply. Which is always useful when ur a busy mum.

This is after the first coat. It's pigmented enough that you could leave it at this. As you can see the nail varnish is glittery. But it's very very small glitter particles.

This is after the second coat. This stuff is great as it take one minute to fully dry. Which I always find helpful especially when Holly is hanging from my leg :)
Definitely recommend for everyone to try.
L x


  1. Awesome manicure dear !! xx

  2. What a lovely color this is, I love manis like this. Super easy and look nice!!

    1. There are 3 different colours. Purple, blue and yellow.

  3. I hate when nail polish takes forever to dry! This sounds great.


  4. So do I! specially when Holly is hanging from my leg!! lol