Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Holly's First Soft Play

Holly went to a soft play area on Sunday for the first time, and she loved it.

I on the hand wasn't very impressed with it. There was two sections. One for over 4's and one for under 4's.

In the small persons area there was a tunnel bit and a small climbing bit with slides on it. Then there was some balls and foam things to climb on.

As you can see holly was enjoying herself. But all the big kids were coming in and barging about. Twice holly got hit with something. I complained to the staff and was told basically we don't care!!! So we won't be going back to that soft play area! There are another 2 close to us. So we will be trying one of those in the future.

The soft play area was good value for money at only £4 per child. I personally think they had too many kids in for the size of the place. If there were fewer kids and staff supervising the small persons area I think that would improve the quality a lot.

However, Holly enjoyed herself and that was the main thing

L x