Monday, 17 March 2014

Holly's First Shoes

Holly has had shoes before obviously lol but this was the first time we got her feet measured properly and bought her shoes. She is a huge size 3G!! Wow lol big feet like her daddy lol

Here she is standing holding daddy's hands. She still only walks if holding your hands or she walks round furniture. But she's getting there.

Here is a close up of them. They are shiny black with butterfly's and sliver diamant├ęs.

I couldn't get a proper shot. But on the back heels at the sides there are black love hearts, and when she walks they flash red!

We got them from clarks. You get a cute first shoes box which I'm not throwing out!! Lol it can be an extension to her first box. I originally wanted dark purple/burgundy ones with butterflys. But they didn't have those in her size.

Here is a picture of the box

I just think it's such a nice touch to those first shoes.

Where did you get your first shoes??

L x

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