Friday, 21 March 2014

Holly's First Box

Another way I wanted to remember Holly's first year, was by collecting all her firsts, and putting them in her first box.

Above was the original box I used, however I had that much I had to move to another one. An what a better one to use than her first shoe box :D

Below are some pictures of what's inside them as I couldn't fit it all into one!!

Above is the first picture from the silver cross box. We have her fist birthday poster, first pair of thumper slipper, birthday invite, badges, birthday cards, Christmas tree baubles, shoes that she came home in, bands from the hospital, chocolate with her name on it, dummy and a nappy.

The photo above is till from the silver cross box. We have her outfit she wore home from the hospital, some picture from snapfish of firsts ie first summer, card that was on her cot in hospital, Xmas stocking, scans and some Christmas cards.

This one is the clarks first show box, and in here we have 2 balloons from her first birthday and more banners with first birthday on them.

I loves this idea and I will probably be adding to this box forever more, with first lock of hair and first tooth. It's such a nice way to remember your first year together and to pass on when she's old enough.

L x


  1. such a nice idea ! i love it :) xx

  2. I know!! I loved it when I first found it :) x