Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Holly's 1st Birthday!

One word for this day!!! Stressful!! Lol. Holly turned 1 on the 27th of Feb. but I held her birthday party on the Saturday. It was held in our own house. Note to self. Book a hall next time!! Lol. I was very paranoid about how cleanup house was! My house is always clean and tidy. But I totally gutted it for everyone coming. It was held from 2pm till 4pm and I think it went really well.

There were 5 kids there and it was great to see her interact with other kids. As I work full time and she goes to a childminder. I have never really seen her interact proper with kids and it was awesome to see.

Not gonna lie. Lol she looks a bit of a wreck in this picture. She pulled her bow out and had food smeared on her face. I think she was having fun tho :)

We sent out invites to everyone and those looked like this

They r sooooo cute. Looks whoooos one with an owl!! Whooooed have thought lol. Ok enough of the rubbish puns lol these are from snapfish. Snapfish is an awesome site. There is a back side to these with another picture. But I could show it as it has my address on it. I get all my pictures printed from snapfish. They have a lot of options and the quality is good. We plan on doing thank you cards as well but we haven't ordered those yet.

We had a huge cake

Not that she was interested but it was amazing. It's by 3D cakes in Edinburgh. There service was great. We booked this on the Monday before her party and they delivered it on the Friday. Not many places will do a cake for you like this in one week!! It was a sponge and cream cake inside. I didn't want to get anything to fancy incase the kids wouldn't eat it.

Holly received a lot of present from clothes to voucher and toys. She was a very lucky girl!!

Here is Holly and her step brother Harry on her minni push along car. Mark was speeding them around the livingroom and kitchen. She was having a ball!!

Here is a picture of here watching the balloons bobbing about the ceiling before everyone came.

I will have a years update done soon. I'm just amazed at how fast she is learning stuff now!!

L x

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