Friday, 14 March 2014

Holly's 12 month update

Holly was 1 year old on the 27th of February this year and I thought id do a blog and put up some picture of her first year!!

So I'm not sure what weight or hight she is but she's a lot more than her 8lb 2oz when she was born that's for sure!!

Here is a picture of her now

Holly's eating habits: Holly isn't really that fussy at all except when her teeth are coming in, she won't eat anything but yogurt. But I have had no problems with moving her up stages and now she just eats what ever we are eating. Which is so much easier.

Teething: Holly has 5 full teeth in. 4 front ones on the top, 2 on the bottom and one coming in on the left hand side on the bottom. Plus I think there might be some molars.

Walking: holly isn't walking yet. She is standing up which happend around 10months. She will walk along the tables or round the chairs, or when you hold her hands. But not on her own yet. She started to crawl at 8 months. Her are some first picture below

The above was the first time she stood up on her own.

This was the first time she got on her own knees.
Oh and she sat up on her own about 4months
This one below was her first sitting up in her own.

Personality: yeah this is defo starting to show. She's mostly a happy little scone. But she has taken a liking to going outside, pointing and expecting you to carry her over so she can touch it. That's great but the weather in Scotland isn't the best lol and it's till pretty cold out. If you don't take her out when she points to the door it's a paddy on the floor!!

Talking: she isn't really talking yet. She says "mum mum" or "dad dad". We think we heard her saying "gran" and "grandad" once or twice. She will say "that that" when pointing and what sounds like "hi". But I'm not sure if it's the words or the sounds I hear.

Other: she will wave bye or hello. She will hide her face if u ask where holly is.

Here is holly the day she was born

It's not all sugar and rainbows tho. She has a temper if she doesn't get her way she will throw a fit but I know most babies her age do that. So I'm hoping it's a stage!

Clothes: she is into 12-18months now. The tops are a bit big for her. But the bottoms fit fine. I was so sad when I was going through all her clothes to give to charity. I have kept some of her clothes from her first year for a project I'm doing. But I will tell you about that later!

I think that's it. If you can think of anything else to ask let me know :)

L x


  1. She has such beautiful eyes! She is so cute! <3
    God bless her


    1. Thanks, She takes them from her daddy lol