Tuesday, 25 March 2014

High End Milk Bottle vs Low End Milk Bottle

So today's post is about milk bottles. When I was pregnant with Holly. I just went out and bought the best of the best for her. Which is what every parent wants for their child. However if I had done my research and got a couple of different ones. I could have saved a lot of money!! And when you are a first time parent. You and your partner just starting out. Money is tight. So I hope this helps even just one person out there.

This is the Tommee Tippees standard milk bottle. It goes up to 9oz, you get 3 different flows for them and the range between £6.99 and £11.99 for a set of 6. This is the brand I went and got Holly first and I bought a lot of these. I do like them and you get the different stages. But there is cheaper for just as good a product.

This one above is what I got for Holly's first bottles when I was combination feeding. The price is the same for 6 of these as what the big ones are and these go up to 5oz. So really these are only good for up to 5 months. So for starters, I should have skipped these and just got the big ones and saved myself the money.

Then when your baby is ready to hold cups, you can buy these detachable handles. These range from £3.99 to £4.99 for 2. This was handy as I didn't need to buy a new cup. So that's a plus in my view for this brand.

Then when your baby is ready for a sip cup. You can buy the attachable head for it like above. These range from £2.99 to £3.99 for 1. Another plus in my eyes!!

Once reality hit and money started to get tight. I started to buy the below.

The above is Asda's own brand of bottle. These were £2.99 for 3 when I bought them. Again you get the 3 different flow levels slow, medium and fast. However you don't get all the different detachable heads or handles. But!! The different flow levels were £1.99 for 2. While Tommee Tippees was £6.99 for 2! The spout cups with handles are also cheaper than buying the detachable ones, and the sip cups are also cheaper than buying a separate head for the Tommee Tippee ones.

Looking back. If I had done my research, I would have bought the Asda brand. Holly didn't notice a difference, and fed the same from Asda own brand as she did from the Tommee Tippee. when I have my next baby. I will definitely be using the Asda own brand bottles.

I will be doing another blog on the different brand of sip cups you can get and my opinion on those as well. I really hope that this post saves people money!! In this economical climate. We all need to save.
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  2. Such a nice topic ... I love this post !! very helpful :) xx

    1. Thanks. Id like to think it helped at least one person out there :)