Saturday, 29 March 2014

Baby Nappy Rash Cream Review

When Holly was younger we had a lot of problems with her getting nappy rashes. No matter how many times a day we changed her nappy, she had nappy rash. So I thought I would do a post on all the cream we have tried, and what ones worked best for Holly. The creams that have ingredients on the back, I will show as well as some of the ingredients might not agree with your baby.

The metanium worked really well. Specially if it was a really bad case. This would have her cleared up in 2 days time. It also didn't rub off easily either. You would need to bath her to get this off properly.

The picture above shows what ingredient are in the metanium.

This type of metanium is for everyday use. This works well to prevent the nappy rash, rather than to clear it up.

Above is the ingredients in this type of metanium.

This one is the bepanthen. I wasn't too keen on this one. It seemed to rub of really quickly. It didn't clear the nappy rash up vet quickly, and in Holly's case it didn't really prevent the nappy rash either.

The above is the American butt paste. I liked this a lot. But for different reasons. This again, rubbed off very quickly and it didn't really prevent the nappy rash either. However this stuff is amazing at clearing up Holly's face when she is teething!! Holly tends to get a rash on her face from all the drool and this will have her cleared up with in a day or two.

Again above is the ingredients.

These creams go in order of the creams above. You cant really see here but the 2 types of metanium are matt creams and the bepanthen and the butt cream are glossy. Personally I preferred the metanium as the yellow one cleared the nappy rash with in 2 days and the white stopped it from coming. I personally think it has something to do with the consistency. The 2 that were shiny weren't anywhere near as good as the matt ones.

This is just my opinion on these creams. Please do try them all if you want to. I'm just telling you what worked best for Holly. What works best for her might not work best for someone else. So I strongly suggest that you try all the different ones you can find. An let me know if you find an awesome one.

L x

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