Monday, 31 March 2014

Mummy Mani Monday

I recently tried out accessorise nail polish kits. Today I'm only going to be doing a review on the nail varnish. But when I get time I will do the full kit. The full kit takes time, and I need to wait till Holly's sleeping for that.

I absolutely love this line of nail polishes. I have seen 3 colours so far in this line and I have 2. These are amazing!!

By the time you finish the last finger, the first one is dry.

This is just one coat and no more is needed . It's thick and glossy. No need for a top coat. It's a lovely plum colour. I just love this stuff!!

I seriously recommend everyone finds this stuff. It comes in a pack with glue and foils. As I said, to do the full kit takes a while. But I will get round to it :)
L x

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Below is the present I got as a surprise today. Galaxy caramel and 3 body creams!! Not to forget I also got myself the Urban Decay electric pallet.

I absolutely love Mothers Day. It's something I never thought I would have. When I was younger, I always said I didn't want kids. I was quite happy with my animals. My parents never thought they would be grandparents. That's how adamant I was that I didn't want children.

When I first started seeing Mark. He was scared to tell me he had a 2 year old!! That's how much I didn't like kids. Then Holly bob came along and my while world got tipped upside down. Don't get me wrong. I still don't like other kids haha, but I can't even say how much Holly means to me!! She's just so amazing at how fast she is growing and learning!! And guess what!! I am desperate for another one!! Lol. Who would have thought that 2 years would change me so much.

L x

Our Week In Photos 24.03.14 - 30.03.14

There have been another couple of firsts this week for Holly which I am so proud of!!

Above was Monday, and it looks like Cheety cat has finally excepted Pickles.

Tuesday, Holly walked from the car to the house for the first time ever!!

Wednesday, I'm not to sure spring has sprung yet, with it only being 2c and having to scrap my car before work.

Thursday, Holly needed a rest so sat like this on her pram for ages lol

Friday we were making silly noises and I love this picture!!

Saturday was earth hour!! I love this picture with the double rainbow in it!! I participated, did you?

An finally another first for Holly this Sunday when she pointed out her grandad and actually said his name!!!
L x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Baby Nappy Rash Cream Review

When Holly was younger we had a lot of problems with her getting nappy rashes. No matter how many times a day we changed her nappy, she had nappy rash. So I thought I would do a post on all the cream we have tried, and what ones worked best for Holly. The creams that have ingredients on the back, I will show as well as some of the ingredients might not agree with your baby.

The metanium worked really well. Specially if it was a really bad case. This would have her cleared up in 2 days time. It also didn't rub off easily either. You would need to bath her to get this off properly.

The picture above shows what ingredient are in the metanium.

This type of metanium is for everyday use. This works well to prevent the nappy rash, rather than to clear it up.

Above is the ingredients in this type of metanium.

This one is the bepanthen. I wasn't too keen on this one. It seemed to rub of really quickly. It didn't clear the nappy rash up vet quickly, and in Holly's case it didn't really prevent the nappy rash either.

The above is the American butt paste. I liked this a lot. But for different reasons. This again, rubbed off very quickly and it didn't really prevent the nappy rash either. However this stuff is amazing at clearing up Holly's face when she is teething!! Holly tends to get a rash on her face from all the drool and this will have her cleared up with in a day or two.

Again above is the ingredients.

These creams go in order of the creams above. You cant really see here but the 2 types of metanium are matt creams and the bepanthen and the butt cream are glossy. Personally I preferred the metanium as the yellow one cleared the nappy rash with in 2 days and the white stopped it from coming. I personally think it has something to do with the consistency. The 2 that were shiny weren't anywhere near as good as the matt ones.

This is just my opinion on these creams. Please do try them all if you want to. I'm just telling you what worked best for Holly. What works best for her might not work best for someone else. So I strongly suggest that you try all the different ones you can find. An let me know if you find an awesome one.

L x

Earth Hour

It's Earth Hour tonight folks 29th of March 2014 at 8.30pm!! Why not show your support and turn off all your house lights for 1hour!! I'm doing it and so are all the big landmarks around the world!!

L x

Friday, 28 March 2014

A Easy Craft Mothers Day Present

This is what I have made for my Mother's Day present.

This is just basically 2 jam jars with some stones, soil and plants. Here is how I done it.

2 extra large jam jars from wilkinsons. These were £3.75 each. Firstly I put some gravel in the bottom of the jars for drainage. Now put some soil in about 1/3 of the way up. This is just normal compost I would use for the garden. I got 2 small plants each from Dobbies garden centre. These cost £2.45 each. Once all is planted, give the inside a spray with wanted to remove any dirt on the inside of the jar. An there you go!! A lovely home made Mother's Day present.

Let me know if anyone try's it. Enjoy.
L x

What's In Holly Bag

Holly is 1 year old now. I don't know if you would call her a toddler yet, as she's not toddling and, doesn't look like she wants to toddle lol. But we will have a look anyway :D

Firstly this is Holly's bag. It is a bit done looking now as it's been through hell and back, and she is well overdue a new one. Normally in the side pockets, she would have a milk bottle and a sip cup for her juice. I just haven't washed them yet.

Attached to the side I have my hand sanitiser. My mum got this for me while she was in America. Think it's a Japanese blossom one.

In the front pocket we have, a metatanium and a bepanthon bum cream. I also use these on her face when she breaks out from teething. Teething gel as she is teething real bad just now. Infacol, which I don't think we need anymore. But you never know. I also have some sun cream, a hair clip and some diluten juice, incase she needs a drink while we are out.

In the main compartment, first we have a dressing gown and pjs. I'm at my parents a lot at night. So it makes senses to have these with me. 4 bibs, some size 4 nappies and wipes.

Also in the main compartment we have, her slippers size 3, tub of crisps, bowl and spare clothes. As you just never know when she will need changed. Socks, extra milk powder and more bum cream. The bum cream in the container is called butt paste, which my mum got for me in America too.

That's all she has. I don't pack toys in this. As she has toys in her pram and at everyone's houses we go to.
L x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Urban Decay Who??

I'm not normally a big make up person. I simply don't have time. I would like to think my skin is healthy looking enough without makeup, as I don't wear it to work. An as mark works a Tuesday to Saturday. I don't really have time at the weekend either. If I'm going out out, then I will slap some on, but normally the most I wear is tinted moisturiser and blush. Sometime mascara. But I tend to forget I have it on then I rub my eyes! Anyway sorry back to this.

The other day I was watching Michelle Phans new video about urban decays (of who I had never heard of) new electric pallet, and I think I fell in love!! When I was younger. I would wear a lot of bright makeup. Yellows and blues and greens. When I saw this pallet I had to get it. So I have got an early Mother's Day present!!

I got this from Debenhams and it was £38!! Which is very expensive but the eyeshadows are sooooo amazing I can't even say lol

Just look how bright they are!! I am certainly going to try the look Michelle done and I will probably look like a clown!! But I will be a happy clown and that's what matters :) But I just couldn't help myself!!
L x

Sewing Thursday Part 2

This post very nearly didn't happen today, as my sewing machine decided it was going to work properly!! However after fighting with it for a while, I got it going.

I have showed this before. But this is my machine that my gran gave me. It's an old Singer from the 60's. But this baby still work is like a charm. When I work it right lol. It's an electric foot peddle or on the right hand side is a turning handle.

So first above you want to have your pre cut material with both outside faces facing each other. So that the underneath of both materials can be seen.

Place it in you machine and go for it. I always use the handle first. As there is nothing more annoying than getting to the end and realising that it wasn't actually stitching. So use the handle first to make sure it is stitching.

You need to remember to guide it through the machine. I try to stitch slowly so I can see what I'm doing better

Here I have done 2 different rows of material. I haven't took a picture. But now I would normally iron my material flat. So that my joins were flat. This makes it easier to see these two together.

Again you want the outer face facing each other.

Put it into the machine. Start it off by using the handle then slowly start to use the peddle

An there you go. You have the start of your quilt!! Super easy once you know what your doing with it.

Next week I am contemplating. Starting to cut up Holly's clothes. Exciting stuff.
L x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday 26 March 14

Today was very busy at work!! So I didn't even have time for my tea and biskie!!! And I didn't get breakfast till 9.30am! I start at 7am!! Anyway here's what I had.

I had 3 huge strawberries cut in half, and half a banana cut up in strawberry yogurt.

Then for lunch I had quesadilla filled with cheese, chilli chicken and mushrooms, with a side of chicken pasta, Italian pasta and salad leaves. Sooo good :)

Since I had a big lunch. I had a small dinner of orange sweet chilli chicken.

That was it all day. If anyone would like a recipe for any of this stuff. Just let me know :)

L x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

High End Milk Bottle vs Low End Milk Bottle

So today's post is about milk bottles. When I was pregnant with Holly. I just went out and bought the best of the best for her. Which is what every parent wants for their child. However if I had done my research and got a couple of different ones. I could have saved a lot of money!! And when you are a first time parent. You and your partner just starting out. Money is tight. So I hope this helps even just one person out there.

This is the Tommee Tippees standard milk bottle. It goes up to 9oz, you get 3 different flows for them and the range between £6.99 and £11.99 for a set of 6. This is the brand I went and got Holly first and I bought a lot of these. I do like them and you get the different stages. But there is cheaper for just as good a product.

This one above is what I got for Holly's first bottles when I was combination feeding. The price is the same for 6 of these as what the big ones are and these go up to 5oz. So really these are only good for up to 5 months. So for starters, I should have skipped these and just got the big ones and saved myself the money.

Then when your baby is ready to hold cups, you can buy these detachable handles. These range from £3.99 to £4.99 for 2. This was handy as I didn't need to buy a new cup. So that's a plus in my view for this brand.

Then when your baby is ready for a sip cup. You can buy the attachable head for it like above. These range from £2.99 to £3.99 for 1. Another plus in my eyes!!

Once reality hit and money started to get tight. I started to buy the below.

The above is Asda's own brand of bottle. These were £2.99 for 3 when I bought them. Again you get the 3 different flow levels slow, medium and fast. However you don't get all the different detachable heads or handles. But!! The different flow levels were £1.99 for 2. While Tommee Tippees was £6.99 for 2! The spout cups with handles are also cheaper than buying the detachable ones, and the sip cups are also cheaper than buying a separate head for the Tommee Tippee ones.

Looking back. If I had done my research, I would have bought the Asda brand. Holly didn't notice a difference, and fed the same from Asda own brand as she did from the Tommee Tippee. when I have my next baby. I will definitely be using the Asda own brand bottles.

I will be doing another blog on the different brand of sip cups you can get and my opinion on those as well. I really hope that this post saves people money!! In this economical climate. We all need to save.
L x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mummy Mani Monday

Today I'm going to show you this new nail polish by Rimmel called Sweetie Crush. I think this is perfect for busy mums and here's why.

The only way I can describe this product is, it's like they have crushed sugar into the nail polish. Once on your fingers, it's very course and gritty. I am assuming that's where sweetie crush comes from.

As you can see my nails aren't the best just now. They have got really weak lately. I have heard though, that if you eat a cube of jelly each day, the gelatine in it helps keep ur nails strong. So I will let you know if that works.

When I'm doing my nails, I always quickly just smooth down the edges. I can't stand if my nails have sharp edges. This is Holly's baby nail file. I fine this works better on my weak nails, as it's softer than normal nail files.

This is the consistency, it is thicker than some of the other nail varnishes I have used. I really like how it has a wide brush. This makes it quicker to apply. Which is always useful when ur a busy mum.

This is after the first coat. It's pigmented enough that you could leave it at this. As you can see the nail varnish is glittery. But it's very very small glitter particles.

This is after the second coat. This stuff is great as it take one minute to fully dry. Which I always find helpful especially when Holly is hanging from my leg :)
Definitely recommend for everyone to try.
L x