Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What's in Holly's baby bag

Here is a post I have been promising for a while now. What's inside a 9 month old babies changing!! Well I got this one from Toys R Us and it's a nice pink hello kitty one. As a young working mum, starting out with my family. We can afford to get the designer ones!! I would love one!! But we have more important things to spend out money on than a changing bag. But I like this one. It was also on sale when I got it. Just £20!! So after all that!! Let's get started!!!

First thin is first!! Some hand sanitiser!! I got this one as a present from Bath and Body Works in America!! You can order them off the bath and body works website

I always have juice for Holly. This one is just a tommee tippee bottle with the handles you but separately. I am thinking about getting her onto spout cups now :)

Since it's December you need to have a warm hat. This one was also a present so I'm not sure of a price.

Can't have a changing bag without the nappys and wipes. These are Asda brand Little Angel nappies. I have a review in the. Coming soon.

Again toys are a necessity with Holly. I need to have them with me incase we are out somewhere and she gets bored!!

Holly's all time favourite crisps. She can stuff 3 of these in her mouth at once. These are great for if we are out having dinner somewhere and she starts to get fed up or bored.

2 types of nappy creams. The small tub is one I put butt cream into a small tub (I don't a review on that early this year), and the ever faithful metanium. The butt paste is good for everyday use. But when nappy rash flares. The metanium is best!

Spare change of clothes as you just never know!!

A spare bottle (this bottle is Assad own brand. I have a review coming on these as well) and milk formula! She won't need these for much longer as I'm starting to take her off formula milk now too

Here we have cough bottle tixilix, Calpol, teething gel, teething pegs (yet again another review), nappy sacks, snuffle baby for is she has a runny or blocked nose, spoon, sun cream (you can still get burnt in winter you know), inficol, shopping trolly token and extra sanitiser.

Last but not least!! Extra bibs.

I sometimes have Jammys and swillers in here too. That's only if we will be out late. There is normally food as well. But again that's a whole other post :)

Hope you enjoyed speak soon
L x

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