Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mummy Manicure

This is such an easy time saving way to have nice nails!!
I like to keep my nails short as I don't like having them long with I'm trying to dress Holly in case I scratch her. So I clip them short. However this can cause problems when I want to paint them. But recently. I've been using shop bought foils. The ones in the picture above were Sally Hanson ones I bought in Sally's Salon Supplies. They are so easy and last for up to a week!! See below

This is a nail tip kit! Do U get two different ones in it. Pink tips and clear top coats plus instructions, manicure stick and a file.

In just the nail varnish kits u get the nail file pack and 2 kits of foils. U get different sizes in them so u can pick a size for each nail.

First u can pick off the top layer

Then the back layer. Place on the finger nail and press flat so there ante no air bubbles. The I use the manicure stick to break the rest of the strip away at the top of my nail. I leave them for 5mins then I file the top of my nail. End result

Lovely :) quick easy and easy to come off. If u want to remove them all you do it pick at the cubical end and peel away :)

Speak soon

L x


  1. lovely manicure ! would you lie to follow each other :) xx