Saturday, 16 November 2013

DIY Door Name


So here is Holly's bedroom door!! This was really easy to do :)

I went to my local Hobby Craft store and got the letters for £2 and I got the paper I used 3 for £2 plus a brush and I made my own glue. Here's how I done it

Firstly here is the material I needed. Letters, brush, paper and my glue. Now you can buy the glue from Hobby Craft. However I made my own as it was cheaper. To make the glue all u need is equal amounts of PVC glue and water. Here I used 30g of glue and 30g of water (ArtAttack paste for the mums out there :) also sorry the pic is upside down. I'm still away with my new work and I don't have my laptop :( )

Next I ripped up a sheet of both my papers into small pieces.

Put some glue on the brush and started to stick them on :)
End result

This was extremely easy to do and also cheap.
You can find all of this at your local hobby craft store :)

Speak soon

L x

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