Saturday, 2 November 2013

Diary by Holly 02.11.13

Hi!! Today I thought I would do a diary entry for everyone :) My name is Holly and I'm a very talented 8 month old baby who can type on mummy's phone ;)

Today I thought I would be nice and let mummy have a long lie. So I didn't shout on her till 9.30am this morning. So when we got up mummy gave me breakfast which was a summer fruit flavoured porridge, I are it all as it was so scrummy!! Then I played in my ball pit and had fun till mummy decided I had to get dressed :(

Today I wore this

This is true!! My dad does think I'm the bees knees :D Mummy got this from primark for me. I think it was £3

This was a present from my granny :) so I'm not sure how much it was or where it's from.

These are my polkadot tights from m&s which were £2.50

These are my frilly pants from Asda George! You get them in packs of threes for £3

This is my pink cardy my gran knitted me!! I love it as it's just so snugly warm!!

So after I got dressed my gran and grandad came to visit me. Mummy, gran and I then went shopping for present for Santa to deliver!! We then went for lunch at Frankie and Benny's, and I sat in a high chair for the first time being out and I was such a good girl

Then we went back to my grans house and I was showing her what a big girl I was by standing on my knees and hands

Mummy then made me go for a bath :( and she put suds on my hair :(

Once I was clean and sparkly. I got my Jammys on and I was a little wiggly worm all night

But now, I'm awful tiered and I would like some milk and to go to my bed as I have another busy day tomorrow. Dads with me tomorrow morning so I might get up super early for him ;)

Night night
Luv H x

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