Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mummy Manicure

This is such an easy time saving way to have nice nails!!
I like to keep my nails short as I don't like having them long with I'm trying to dress Holly in case I scratch her. So I clip them short. However this can cause problems when I want to paint them. But recently. I've been using shop bought foils. The ones in the picture above were Sally Hanson ones I bought in Sally's Salon Supplies. They are so easy and last for up to a week!! See below

This is a nail tip kit! Do U get two different ones in it. Pink tips and clear top coats plus instructions, manicure stick and a file.

In just the nail varnish kits u get the nail file pack and 2 kits of foils. U get different sizes in them so u can pick a size for each nail.

First u can pick off the top layer

Then the back layer. Place on the finger nail and press flat so there ante no air bubbles. The I use the manicure stick to break the rest of the strip away at the top of my nail. I leave them for 5mins then I file the top of my nail. End result

Lovely :) quick easy and easy to come off. If u want to remove them all you do it pick at the cubical end and peel away :)

Speak soon

L x

DIY Door Name


So here is Holly's bedroom door!! This was really easy to do :)

I went to my local Hobby Craft store and got the letters for £2 and I got the paper I used 3 for £2 plus a brush and I made my own glue. Here's how I done it

Firstly here is the material I needed. Letters, brush, paper and my glue. Now you can buy the glue from Hobby Craft. However I made my own as it was cheaper. To make the glue all u need is equal amounts of PVC glue and water. Here I used 30g of glue and 30g of water (ArtAttack paste for the mums out there :) also sorry the pic is upside down. I'm still away with my new work and I don't have my laptop :( )

Next I ripped up a sheet of both my papers into small pieces.

Put some glue on the brush and started to stick them on :)
End result

This was extremely easy to do and also cheap.
You can find all of this at your local hobby craft store :)

Speak soon

L x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Job!!

Hi guys!!

I haven't done a blog in ages as I have been in the transition of changing jobs!!! One that's much closer to home, so I get more time
Now to spend with Holly!! Can't ask for much more. Here are some blogs I'm planning over the next week!!

1. Holly's 8month update
2. Away with work
3. What's in my baby bag
4. DIY door name
5. New daily routine

First up will be my Away with work blog as, I'm gonna be away with work lol the next 3 days!! I'm gonna miss Holly so much!! But these things need to be done! :)

Speak soon :)

L x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Diary by Holly 02.11.13

Hi!! Today I thought I would do a diary entry for everyone :) My name is Holly and I'm a very talented 8 month old baby who can type on mummy's phone ;)

Today I thought I would be nice and let mummy have a long lie. So I didn't shout on her till 9.30am this morning. So when we got up mummy gave me breakfast which was a summer fruit flavoured porridge, I are it all as it was so scrummy!! Then I played in my ball pit and had fun till mummy decided I had to get dressed :(

Today I wore this

This is true!! My dad does think I'm the bees knees :D Mummy got this from primark for me. I think it was £3

This was a present from my granny :) so I'm not sure how much it was or where it's from.

These are my polkadot tights from m&s which were £2.50

These are my frilly pants from Asda George! You get them in packs of threes for £3

This is my pink cardy my gran knitted me!! I love it as it's just so snugly warm!!

So after I got dressed my gran and grandad came to visit me. Mummy, gran and I then went shopping for present for Santa to deliver!! We then went for lunch at Frankie and Benny's, and I sat in a high chair for the first time being out and I was such a good girl

Then we went back to my grans house and I was showing her what a big girl I was by standing on my knees and hands

Mummy then made me go for a bath :( and she put suds on my hair :(

Once I was clean and sparkly. I got my Jammys on and I was a little wiggly worm all night

But now, I'm awful tiered and I would like some milk and to go to my bed as I have another busy day tomorrow. Dads with me tomorrow morning so I might get up super early for him ;)

Night night
Luv H x

Friday, 1 November 2013

Happy Halloween

Well hi there!! Lol this is Holly at her first Halloween party!! She's dressed in a wee Sully outfit :) I know she's not looking at the camera but that's baby's for you lol. I hope everyone has a great Halloween. Let me know in comments what us all dressed as :)

Speak soon <3

L x