Sunday, 13 October 2013

Organix Tomatoey Red & Herby Green Paste Pot Review

I was recently out shopping and was having a look at the baby food section, and found these paste pots by Organix. You get 2 pots per pack and they are basically a concentrated sauce in a pot.

Inside you get a recipe for each pot which include an ingredient list, instructions, how much to serve info and a Jacks tip. I like how you get a recipe for each pot. Sometimes it can be hard to know what ingredients to use or even to come up with new recipes to make your baby. 

This time I chose to make Holly the Mushroom and Beef Bolognese recipe. Here are some of the ingredients I used.

I forgot to take pictures of cooking the pasta. So I will give you a rough run down of that just now. I got the baby star shaped pasta from Asda and I cooked it the same as any other pasta.
  • Filled a pot with cold water
  • Bring it to the boil
  • Add the pasta
  • Cook until its soft but with a slight bite.
This took about 3-5mins to cook this baby pasta.

So first I added oil to a pot and added my mince to brown. While it was browning ( I had help from Mark so it didn't stick to the pot) I cut up 80g of button mushroom and half of and onion. Once my mince was brown, I added in my chopped up ingredients and cooked this for a further 3-4mins until they were soft. As Holly is 7.5 months, I chopped the ingredients quite small.

I then added the red paste pot and cooked for a further 2min. I then added 1 tin of shopped tomatoes and simmered till the sauce started to thicken. This took about 5mins.

As this looked quite chunky still. I blended it down a bit first in my Tommee Tippee blender.

I added the pasta and put it in small food tubs to cool in the fridge. Once it was cooled, I froze the tubs to be used at a later date.

I was quite impressed with this product. It is a basic Bolognese recipe however it is all organic ingredients, it has trace amounts of sodium and only 0.1g of salt in 100g. Which for a recipe that I got 7 tubs out of, I though was great. This product is also gluten free, so great for celiacs and its suitable for vegetarians. You could use a gluten free pasta or some quorn mince instead of beef. Holly enjoyed every pot of this. So I will definitely be trying the Herby Green one and repurchasing!!

Organix website:

Get more recipes:

I definitely recommend checking these out!!

Hope you enjoyed. Speak soon

L x

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