Sunday, 6 October 2013

Losing That Baby Weight

Hey, So when I was pregnant with Holly, I put on 3 stone!! Now I know that's way more than you should put on lol. However I took full advantage of being pregnant over Christmas.

I would say the main way to lose the baby weight and help get your womb back down to size is to breast feed. Breast feeding uses up an extra 500 calories a day. Which if you cant move about much, is an awesome way to kick start your baby weight loss.

I also wasn't able to drive for 6 weeks after having her. So once I was able to,Ii walked everywhere rather than getting a bus or taxi. I would walk down to the baby clinic, to the shops for a little food shop, down to the local shopping centre or just a walk along the cycle path and back. I found that this also helped a lot. I even started to really enjoy it and actually miss it now I'm back at work.

Eating healthy was another good easy way to lose that weight. I would have porridge with fruit in the morning, fruit and a yogurt for lunch and steamed chicken, veggies and a low fat tomato sauce for dinner. If I wanted a bit of chocolate and trust me I did!! lol I would have a bit. But instead of having a full bar like I used to. I would have a couple of squares. Just enough to curb the craving. If I felt like I wanted a snack in the afternoon, I would have snack a jacks or some fruit.

But of course now I'm back at work, all the walking about there has lifted that last little bit and 7 months later, I am back to my original weight. I'm happy at the rate I lost it. I think losing it too quickly can be bad for your health and losing too much isn't good either.

Speak soon

L x


  1. I find Bikram (Hot) Yoga helps me keep trim!

    1. I've never heard of them. But i will certainly have a look for them :D

      L x