Sunday, 27 October 2013

Is You Tube Really Worth It?

Is You Tube Really Worth It??

This is a subject that really annoys me. People put there lives out there on the Internet for the world to see and then moan when they get haters. Why do people think that no one will get hate??! I watch a lot of different people on You Tube and all of them moan about people hating on there comments. 

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. Not everyone will like what they say or how they do things. Which brings me onto my next hate about You Tube. 

Why do people hate on comments that they don't like the videos or the people, then continue to watch them?! If you don't like them, don't watch them! lol its simple.

But is You Tube really worth it? Putting your life out there for people to hate on you? What do you think?

Speak Soon

L x


  1. Hi I agree with your second comment, why do people have to leave negative comments day after day week after week. If you don't like the people and or video don't watch them again.

    I am thinking of starting a vlog but not sure.


    1. I dont think you should let possibly getting hate stop you. I think you should just be prepared for it in case it does happen :)

      L x