Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hollys Outfit Of The Day

How hard is it to get a child to sit still and get a picture of them when you want them lol!!

So Holly was coming out to lunch with me, my mum and a work friend today and this is the outfit we decided on :)

This was a present from her granny while she was on holiday. So I had to google the prices from and still couldn't find this outfit! but going from some of the other sets you get, I'm gonna say it was between £50 and £60. Now I understand not everyone can afford this and Holly does have cheaper outfits. But as I said it was a present.

Here are her little jeggings. Just a stretchy fake denim. These came with the Guess outfit.

Again the little top that came with it. I love the frills at the bottom and I'm not normally a big frilly person. I think its the pink and the blue mixing I like.

This is just a plain white sleeveless vest from Asda. I like the sleeveless ones best for going on under Holly's clothes, as I feel she gets too warm with the sleeve ones. You can get packs of 3 for £3 from

Holly is coming up for her 8 month mark, and some clothes she fits into are 6- 9 months others are 9-12 months. Shes a bit inbetweeny just now. Mark and I are both tall. So that's why shes a little a head in her sizes. 

She also had on a burgundy hairband which came in a set of 1 body suit and 2 long sleeved tops from asda, and she had on pink filly socks which were also a present so I'm not sure what price they were. But you can get frilly socks from anywhere :)


L x


  1. omg so precious I love that top it reminds me of a tutu. (:

    1. I know!! I should look for one in those colours for Halloween :D

      L x