Thursday, 10 October 2013

Holly's Daily Routine

Hey so I'm going to talk about Holly's daily routine.

Its important to have a routine for you baby. It helps with keeping them in a good mood, makes them feel more secure and it also gives you time to do stuff while your baby is sleeping.

Holly will normally wake between 6.30am and 7.00am. Normally I am just about to leave for work at this time. So if she is awake, I will change her nappy and put her in bed beside her daddy. At 8am Holly will have breakfast. Either 2 rusks with milk, porridge or muislie. All of these are made with baby milk. 
Holly will then have play time in her ball pit with all her toys or on a blanket in the middle of the floor where she can play with her bop it. She will play till about 10.30 she will have a nap till 11.30am. 

Mark normally has to wake her up (if you let her sleep over an hour it messes the rest the day up). She will get dressed into whatever outfit I have left out for her. Then till 12.15pm she will watch Disney junior. At 12.15pm mark gets her ready and into the car and off to the childminders.

At the childminders she will have her lunch and have play time till 2pm then she has a nap for 1 1/2 hours till 3.30pm. She gets a milk bottle. She can take anywhere between 2oz to 8oz and a yogurt. She then has nappy free time till 4.30pm. During that they have song time (she claps her hands along now when you sing) or story time. Then at 5pm I pick her up.

We go to our own house first to feed the cats and check the rest of the animals. Then we head to my parents house. At 6pm Holly will have dinner. This will depend on what we are having. Sometimes she will have the same as me and others we will make something specially for her. Then she will watch Disney Junior till 7pm and its bath time!!

Once she has been in the bath, she gets into her pyjamas and has a bottle. She will take anywhere between 6oz and 9oz of milk at this point. Then at 8pm its home to bed. When we get in normally she will go straight to her bed. If she is teething, she finds it hard to sleep so she will sit in my bed and watches the TV till she falls asleep.

Hope you enjoyed :)

L x 

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