Thursday, 3 October 2013

Goodbye Summer Hello Autum

Well Hi there!! Its October already and that means Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn (or Fall).

I had an awesome summer this year! Spending my first summer with my baby girl Holly was the best bit. Getting to buy baby shorts and baby dresses. We didn't go away anywhere as we were also moving house. So we had to save all the pennies for that. But you don't need to go anywhere to have fun :)

I am glad its Autumn now. I like Summer too but I love being able to layer shirts, scarf's, and tops. Wearing big chunky jumpers with leggings and uggs. Snuggling up on the couch with a fleecy cover, hot chocolate and a book (when I have time lol), its just so relaxing. The scented candles at this time of year are so good as well. My fav is spiced oranges, mulled wine and cinnamon pumpkin. I like Yankee Candle but I have also been known to get Glade as well.

Its also HALLOWEEN time!!!! Last year at this time, I was pregnant with Holly and I couldn't wait to buy her a costume to wear!! and now its here! where has the time went. It feels like it was yesterday I was looking at pumpkin costumes lol. I need to go dig out all my Halloween decorations as well. Is the 3rd of October too early to decorate?? lol

I think I'm going to research Halloween recipes. Do some creepy cupcakes or a big creepy cake.
Look forward to getting some blogs on Halloween recipes :D


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