Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cat Got A Tick

Unfortunately being an animal lover does come with its down falls. One of them being Ticks. Now none of my cats have ever had ticks. Its not something I have had a problem with until tonight. One of the cats at my parents house had a grey tick on his ear. They aren't hard to get rid of. But they aren't pleasant either.
Sorry I didn't get any photos. I just wanted the thing off my cat!!

Heres how to remove a tick:

  • Use a pair of pointed tweezers.
You get a better grip with these long pointed ones, rather than the blunt squared edge ones.

  • Get as close to the skin as possible and grip the tick
Try not to squeeze to hard as you don't want to inject any bacteria back into your pet

  • Pull the tick upwards in a slow steady motion
This can be quite uncomfortable foe your pet. So we had Jacksey wrapped in a towel while being scuffed to keep him still long enough to get it out.

Its best to get the full tick out in one go. However if you do break the tick in half and its head is still in the animal. If you feel where is used to be and there is still a lump, you could try to remove it like a splinter. However I recommend just keeping the area clean. Keep an eye on it that is doesn't get infected and the body will expel it in its own time.

After the tick has been removed
  • Wash the are with luke warm water and animal friendly soap.
I happend to have animal wound powder in my drawer. However savlon would work as well.
When checking you pets for ticks, Check round the mouth, nose, eyes and on or in the ears. Ticks prefer these areas as they have a richer blood flow. However they will also attache themselves to tummys, legs and bodies. So its best to check all over!!

Just another one of those things on the daily routine of a working mummy :D

Speak soon 

L x

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