Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Butt Paste Review

I have used other creams on Holly for nappy rash. She has been rather lucky though and she hasn't had it bad yet, even though she's teething. However I seen this in a haul on YouTube, and while my parents were on holiday in America, I got them to get a pot.

Packaging: I think the packaging looks a bit old fashioned compared to the packaging I'm used to here but it gets the point across and give the info you need clearly.

Aroma: it has a nice aroma about it. Subtle vanilla.

Texture: Its thick. Which I like. I feel if it's thick, it protects Holly's bum more and helps heal any nappy rash she already has.

I have tried all of the ones I can find on the uk market (I will be doing a few reviews on them too) however I like this one the most! I will definitely be repurchasing this. I believe you can get this from amazon.

Speak soon

L x

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