Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Butt Paste Review

I have used other creams on Holly for nappy rash. She has been rather lucky though and she hasn't had it bad yet, even though she's teething. However I seen this in a haul on YouTube, and while my parents were on holiday in America, I got them to get a pot.

Packaging: I think the packaging looks a bit old fashioned compared to the packaging I'm used to here but it gets the point across and give the info you need clearly.

Aroma: it has a nice aroma about it. Subtle vanilla.

Texture: Its thick. Which I like. I feel if it's thick, it protects Holly's bum more and helps heal any nappy rash she already has.

I have tried all of the ones I can find on the uk market (I will be doing a few reviews on them too) however I like this one the most! I will definitely be repurchasing this. I believe you can get this from amazon.

Speak soon

L x

BlogPress App Review

This is my first time using BlogPress app to blog from, So I thought I would do a review on it 😊

I have tried to use this a few times before but couldn't work out how to put a picture on it. I had to look online and when I seen it, I realised how easy it actually was to do!!

It's easy to add pictures and it's easy to blog on. What more could I want?? Well I would quite like to be able to change my text font to different styles. However the app does what is says. It lets you blog on the move. Which now I have worked out how to add a picture. I definitely think it's worth while to have.

Speak soon

L x

Location:Work 😱 lol

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Is You Tube Really Worth It?

Is You Tube Really Worth It??

This is a subject that really annoys me. People put there lives out there on the Internet for the world to see and then moan when they get haters. Why do people think that no one will get hate??! I watch a lot of different people on You Tube and all of them moan about people hating on there comments. 

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. Not everyone will like what they say or how they do things. Which brings me onto my next hate about You Tube. 

Why do people hate on comments that they don't like the videos or the people, then continue to watch them?! If you don't like them, don't watch them! lol its simple.

But is You Tube really worth it? Putting your life out there for people to hate on you? What do you think?

Speak Soon

L x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hollys Outfit Of The Day

How hard is it to get a child to sit still and get a picture of them when you want them lol!!

So Holly was coming out to lunch with me, my mum and a work friend today and this is the outfit we decided on :)

This was a present from her granny while she was on holiday. So I had to google the prices from www.guesskids.guess.eu and still couldn't find this outfit! but going from some of the other sets you get, I'm gonna say it was between £50 and £60. Now I understand not everyone can afford this and Holly does have cheaper outfits. But as I said it was a present.

Here are her little jeggings. Just a stretchy fake denim. These came with the Guess outfit.

Again the little top that came with it. I love the frills at the bottom and I'm not normally a big frilly person. I think its the pink and the blue mixing I like.

This is just a plain white sleeveless vest from Asda. I like the sleeveless ones best for going on under Holly's clothes, as I feel she gets too warm with the sleeve ones. You can get packs of 3 for £3 from www.asda.co.uk

Holly is coming up for her 8 month mark, and some clothes she fits into are 6- 9 months others are 9-12 months. Shes a bit inbetweeny just now. Mark and I are both tall. So that's why shes a little a head in her sizes. 

She also had on a burgundy hairband which came in a set of 1 body suit and 2 long sleeved tops from asda, and she had on pink filly socks which were also a present so I'm not sure what price they were. But you can get frilly socks from anywhere :)


L x

Breast Feeding In Public

Published 20.10.13
I found breast feeding in public very intimidating and uncomfortable. I felt like people were either staring at me, or they were tutting as they were walking past. I got to the point where I would rather either just not go out or rush out in between feeds, and that's not healthy for anyone. Not you or your baby!

I don't know why older people inperticular seem to have an issue with breast feeding. Its the most natural thing in the world. Why waste all that milk you are producing when your baby could be taking it! Its not even as though I was showing any boob! I always had a feeding cover with me. We would sit in the back corner of restaurants or cafes to feed Holly and yet people would still have a problem with it.

However in most shopping areas now and in Mother care shops there are feeding rooms!! Once I found these rooms it made going out so much more enjoyable!! They have seats and bottle warmers and there plenty of room for buggies dads and of course you and your baby :D Its not just a feeding place though, I found that it was a very sociable place. Mums would sit and chat while feeding the babies and dads would stand and chat while waiting and there's no uncomfortable stares or tutting going on.

So if you are breast feeding, keep an eye out for these feeding rooms. An don't let people get you down when you are feeding in public!! Its them that has the problem not you!!

Speak Soon

L x

FAST FORWARD 28.03.17 and on my second child!!
I can firmly and happily say this time round breast feeding was NOT a problem. I don't have a problem with it, if you have a problem with it don't watch me feed! Why would you sit and watch me feed my child anyway?!

I only breast fed Charlotte for 6 weeks then swapped to bottles. But I had no issues in whipping that boob out to feed her. Don't get me wrong I still covered up or had a big jumper on. But It wasn't as bad and I didn't feel as bad as that first time.

Did it have something to do with me being 27 this time round rather than 24? Who knows. But it was a ton easier to breast feed in public with no. 2!!

Pink Pear Bear
3 Little Buttons
Diary of an imperfect mum

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cat Got A Tick

Unfortunately being an animal lover does come with its down falls. One of them being Ticks. Now none of my cats have ever had ticks. Its not something I have had a problem with until tonight. One of the cats at my parents house had a grey tick on his ear. They aren't hard to get rid of. But they aren't pleasant either.
Sorry I didn't get any photos. I just wanted the thing off my cat!!

Heres how to remove a tick:

  • Use a pair of pointed tweezers.
You get a better grip with these long pointed ones, rather than the blunt squared edge ones.

  • Get as close to the skin as possible and grip the tick
Try not to squeeze to hard as you don't want to inject any bacteria back into your pet

  • Pull the tick upwards in a slow steady motion
This can be quite uncomfortable foe your pet. So we had Jacksey wrapped in a towel while being scuffed to keep him still long enough to get it out.

Its best to get the full tick out in one go. However if you do break the tick in half and its head is still in the animal. If you feel where is used to be and there is still a lump, you could try to remove it like a splinter. However I recommend just keeping the area clean. Keep an eye on it that is doesn't get infected and the body will expel it in its own time.

After the tick has been removed
  • Wash the are with luke warm water and animal friendly soap.
I happend to have animal wound powder in my drawer. However savlon would work as well.
When checking you pets for ticks, Check round the mouth, nose, eyes and on or in the ears. Ticks prefer these areas as they have a richer blood flow. However they will also attache themselves to tummys, legs and bodies. So its best to check all over!!

Just another one of those things on the daily routine of a working mummy :D

Speak soon 

L x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Organix Tomatoey Red & Herby Green Paste Pot Review

I was recently out shopping and was having a look at the baby food section, and found these paste pots by Organix. You get 2 pots per pack and they are basically a concentrated sauce in a pot.

Inside you get a recipe for each pot which include an ingredient list, instructions, how much to serve info and a Jacks tip. I like how you get a recipe for each pot. Sometimes it can be hard to know what ingredients to use or even to come up with new recipes to make your baby. 

This time I chose to make Holly the Mushroom and Beef Bolognese recipe. Here are some of the ingredients I used.

I forgot to take pictures of cooking the pasta. So I will give you a rough run down of that just now. I got the baby star shaped pasta from Asda and I cooked it the same as any other pasta.
  • Filled a pot with cold water
  • Bring it to the boil
  • Add the pasta
  • Cook until its soft but with a slight bite.
This took about 3-5mins to cook this baby pasta.

So first I added oil to a pot and added my mince to brown. While it was browning ( I had help from Mark so it didn't stick to the pot) I cut up 80g of button mushroom and half of and onion. Once my mince was brown, I added in my chopped up ingredients and cooked this for a further 3-4mins until they were soft. As Holly is 7.5 months, I chopped the ingredients quite small.

I then added the red paste pot and cooked for a further 2min. I then added 1 tin of shopped tomatoes and simmered till the sauce started to thicken. This took about 5mins.

As this looked quite chunky still. I blended it down a bit first in my Tommee Tippee blender.

I added the pasta and put it in small food tubs to cool in the fridge. Once it was cooled, I froze the tubs to be used at a later date.

I was quite impressed with this product. It is a basic Bolognese recipe however it is all organic ingredients, it has trace amounts of sodium and only 0.1g of salt in 100g. Which for a recipe that I got 7 tubs out of, I though was great. This product is also gluten free, so great for celiacs and its suitable for vegetarians. You could use a gluten free pasta or some quorn mince instead of beef. Holly enjoyed every pot of this. So I will definitely be trying the Herby Green one and repurchasing!!

Organix website: www.organix.com

Get more recipes: www.organix.com/cook

I definitely recommend checking these out!!

Hope you enjoyed. Speak soon

L x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Too Early For A Scarf

Since its October in Scotland, the weather has started to change. Over night at points it has hit 0c!! during the day it ranges from 7c to 12c is this cold enough to wear a scarf??

When I am leaving for work in the morning, the coldest it has been to date is 5c. Now in my opinion this to cold enough for a scarf. Not one of the summer ones either!! I'm talking about a thigh woolly one! 

Some people have been asking me though are you really that cold you need to wear a scarf? My reply HA HA YES! I am normally quite a cold person. So I don't need much of an excuse to start to bundle up. Hence why Autumn is one of my fav times of the year. With all the big jumpers, layering AND UGGS!!

What temperature do you think is acceptable to start to wear a scarf??

Speak Soon

L x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Holly's Daily Routine

Hey so I'm going to talk about Holly's daily routine.

Its important to have a routine for you baby. It helps with keeping them in a good mood, makes them feel more secure and it also gives you time to do stuff while your baby is sleeping.

Holly will normally wake between 6.30am and 7.00am. Normally I am just about to leave for work at this time. So if she is awake, I will change her nappy and put her in bed beside her daddy. At 8am Holly will have breakfast. Either 2 rusks with milk, porridge or muislie. All of these are made with baby milk. 
Holly will then have play time in her ball pit with all her toys or on a blanket in the middle of the floor where she can play with her bop it. She will play till about 10.30 she will have a nap till 11.30am. 

Mark normally has to wake her up (if you let her sleep over an hour it messes the rest the day up). She will get dressed into whatever outfit I have left out for her. Then till 12.15pm she will watch Disney junior. At 12.15pm mark gets her ready and into the car and off to the childminders.

At the childminders she will have her lunch and have play time till 2pm then she has a nap for 1 1/2 hours till 3.30pm. She gets a milk bottle. She can take anywhere between 2oz to 8oz and a yogurt. She then has nappy free time till 4.30pm. During that they have song time (she claps her hands along now when you sing) or story time. Then at 5pm I pick her up.

We go to our own house first to feed the cats and check the rest of the animals. Then we head to my parents house. At 6pm Holly will have dinner. This will depend on what we are having. Sometimes she will have the same as me and others we will make something specially for her. Then she will watch Disney Junior till 7pm and its bath time!!

Once she has been in the bath, she gets into her pyjamas and has a bottle. She will take anywhere between 6oz and 9oz of milk at this point. Then at 8pm its home to bed. When we get in normally she will go straight to her bed. If she is teething, she finds it hard to sleep so she will sit in my bed and watches the TV till she falls asleep.

Hope you enjoyed :)

L x 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Losing That Baby Weight

Hey, So when I was pregnant with Holly, I put on 3 stone!! Now I know that's way more than you should put on lol. However I took full advantage of being pregnant over Christmas.

I would say the main way to lose the baby weight and help get your womb back down to size is to breast feed. Breast feeding uses up an extra 500 calories a day. Which if you cant move about much, is an awesome way to kick start your baby weight loss.

I also wasn't able to drive for 6 weeks after having her. So once I was able to,Ii walked everywhere rather than getting a bus or taxi. I would walk down to the baby clinic, to the shops for a little food shop, down to the local shopping centre or just a walk along the cycle path and back. I found that this also helped a lot. I even started to really enjoy it and actually miss it now I'm back at work.

Eating healthy was another good easy way to lose that weight. I would have porridge with fruit in the morning, fruit and a yogurt for lunch and steamed chicken, veggies and a low fat tomato sauce for dinner. If I wanted a bit of chocolate and trust me I did!! lol I would have a bit. But instead of having a full bar like I used to. I would have a couple of squares. Just enough to curb the craving. If I felt like I wanted a snack in the afternoon, I would have snack a jacks or some fruit.

But of course now I'm back at work, all the walking about there has lifted that last little bit and 7 months later, I am back to my original weight. I'm happy at the rate I lost it. I think losing it too quickly can be bad for your health and losing too much isn't good either.

Speak soon

L x

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bottle Feeding Vs Breast Feeding

This is just from my experience. I done both with Holly for reasons I will explain below.

When I was pregnant with Holly, I originally wanted to bottle feed. That was my plan up until the week before we had Holly. At that point I looked into it a bit more and found that for at least the first 6 weeks its better to breast feed, as your baby gets lots of nutrients, vitamins and antibodies from you. Where as bottle feeding, they would still get the nutrients and vitamins but not the antibodies. 

When babies are born, their immune systems are weak as they have never been exposed to the outside world and all he germs that goes along with it. The only thing your baby will be protected against is flu and whooping cough, and that's only if you have had your vaccinations.

Holly was pretty good with breast feeding. When we went to the recovery room she was starving, and took straight away. I know some babies have problems with latching on. This can be sometimes if you have small nipples the baby can latch properly. I would suggest nipple guards. You can get these from Boots or Mother care. All these are, are round plastic guards which make a bigger surface area for you baby to latch too. Midwives might not recommend these. However its whatever works for you and your baby that's important. Mothers instinct will tell you. For the first 2 days Holly fed every hour for 30mins. It is very tiring but the feeling you get from it is amazing. I cant explain the feeling you get from it. People will try tell you about it, but until you do it, you don't understand.

One of the down sides of breast feeding is for the first 2 days all you produce is colostrum. Now this is the important bit. Basically its full of vitamins and antibodies to help boost your baby's body in the first few days of birth. On the 3rd day is the baby blue day lol. Its a very emotional day as your milk first comes through and hormones are flying everywhere and you cry at the drop of a hat! lol. 

I breast feed Holly for about 3 weeks straight. But she wasn't putting on as much weight as a normal baby and she wasn't sleeping properly. So it was suggested that we give her 1 bottle feed at night before she went to bed. This helped a lot with her weight and helping her sleep at night as it was heavier in her tummy than breast milk. But the down side of this was that my body thought I didn't need all the milk I was producing so, it started to reduce the amount. I did start to express however eventually after 10 weeks of breast feeding, I had to stop, as my body wasn't producing enough milk for Holly anymore and I had to start full time bottle feeding.

A bit longIi know!! lol but that's my story of why I had to start bottle feeding. I'm not telling anyone that n
they need to breast feed. Its totally up to the the individual and the baby. In my opinion, I would definitely breast feed again, but I would not do the 1 bottle feed a night and I wouldn't express. It all just didn't agree with my body and milk production.

Advantages of breast feeding:
  • Transfer of antibodies, vitamins and nutrients
  • Bonding with your baby
  • It provides a form of contraceptive (Don't rely on this as a birth control though lol)
  • Theres no messing about with heating bottles up and needing to wait on them cooling
  • It helps you lose your baby weight much quicker (uses up to 500 calories a day)
  • Less chances of you baby having diarrhoea or being sick
  • Less chance of colic
  • Cheaper than buying milk formula
Disadvantages of breast feeding: 
  • It can be very tiring
  • It can be very time consuming
  • Some people don't like to breastfeed in public
Advantages of bottle feeding:
  • Easy to do in public
  • Baby still gets vitamins and nutrients
Disadvantages of bottle feeding:
  • Costs a lot to buy regular milk formula (£8-£10 a tub)
  • No transfer of antibodies
  • Need to make up the cool bottle
  • Mum wont lose weight as quickly and might find it hard to lose that baby weight
I know this is a huge post!! however i think its something that first time mums don't really know about. It's not really explained properly to mums what happens and how it happens.

I hope you find this interesting and informative.

L x

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Goodbye Summer Hello Autum

Well Hi there!! Its October already and that means Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn (or Fall).

I had an awesome summer this year! Spending my first summer with my baby girl Holly was the best bit. Getting to buy baby shorts and baby dresses. We didn't go away anywhere as we were also moving house. So we had to save all the pennies for that. But you don't need to go anywhere to have fun :)

I am glad its Autumn now. I like Summer too but I love being able to layer shirts, scarf's, and tops. Wearing big chunky jumpers with leggings and uggs. Snuggling up on the couch with a fleecy cover, hot chocolate and a book (when I have time lol), its just so relaxing. The scented candles at this time of year are so good as well. My fav is spiced oranges, mulled wine and cinnamon pumpkin. I like Yankee Candle but I have also been known to get Glade as well.

Its also HALLOWEEN time!!!! Last year at this time, I was pregnant with Holly and I couldn't wait to buy her a costume to wear!! and now its here! where has the time went. It feels like it was yesterday I was looking at pumpkin costumes lol. I need to go dig out all my Halloween decorations as well. Is the 3rd of October too early to decorate?? lol

I think I'm going to research Halloween recipes. Do some creepy cupcakes or a big creepy cake.
Look forward to getting some blogs on Halloween recipes :D


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Strawberry Icing Cupcake Recipe

Now as a working mum who works 9 hours a day and travels 40 mins in and out of work. When it comes to somethings I just don't have the time anymore. Between working, looking after Holly and Mark lol and looking after the zoo I have. Sometimes Ican be on a time restriction. What working mum isn't!! So if there is a quick way to do something but still get good results, I'm willing to give it a try. So take a look at the recipe below :)

I used the White Chocolate and Strawberry Flavoured Cupcake kit from Morrisons.
Now before I was a mum when I was baking, I would never have though twice about using one of these kits. I always thought you got better results from doing it from scratch. However I just don't have time anymore. But I still love to bake. So the above is the next best thing. So first you want to preheat your oven at 180c fan assisted. Now lets see what this comes with.
So in the box you get White Chocolate Drops, White Chocolate Shavings, Cupcake Mix, Strawberry Flavoured Icing and Cupcake Cases. In the above picture I have also added 1 egg and 60ml of milk. I then added in the cupcake mix and whisked with an electric mixer for about 2mins. Until all the lumps had gone from the mixture.
So i placed the cupcake cases into the baking tray, and you only get 6!! So i used the 6 that were supplied. But in future i would buy my own cases and have probably between 10-12 cupcakes.So I spooned the mixture evenly into the cases and placed on the middle shelf of my preheated oven.
These only took 20mins in my oven. This may vary depending on what type of oven you have. Keep an eye on them. But don't keep opening and closing the door or they will fall. I lerned the hard way when i was learning :) After 20mins i had freshly cooked cupcakes.
Now that they are perfect (you can check this by sticking a cocktail stick in to the sponge. If it comes out dry your ready) I left them for about 30mins to cool. While i was waiting on them cooling, i Added my icing sugar to another bowl and added 60g of butter which i broke up with my fingers first. As I find that it helps mix it a bit quicker. Note: This bit is very messy lol
I whisked this together for about 2-3mins before it all came together. Sometimes this bit feels like its taking forever. But the more butter you add the quicker it will mix. I used 60g as that's what i always use. It all just depends on how buttery you like your icing to be. You can use less or more. totally up to you :) So after i got it mixed together, I added in my white chocolate drops.
Now if i had had the time. I would have piped these nicely however by this time it was 11pm and i was up at 5.30am for work so i simply spread the icing onto the tops of my cooled cakes and added the white chocolate shavings on top. An Voila :D Strawberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes.
Over all this is a good recipe for it being a premixed one. Cakes turned out light and fluffy. The strawberry icing was to die for. You could make your own strawberry icing by making the same mixture with plain white icing, butter, red food colouring and strawberry flavouring. But the prepacked one was good enough for these. The only thing i didn't like was I only got 6 cases!! I would totally buy smaller cases to get at least 10 out of these.

Hope yous enjoyed my post and let me know what yous think of these shop bought mixes.

L x


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