Monday, 30 September 2013

Throw Back Thursday - A Monday In The Life Of Holly


Hello from 2016!! I thought I would start up throw back posts on a Thursday (it being throw back Thursdays and all!!) So here is my first throw back to 2013!! Any bits in BOLD are little snippets I have added in today :) Enjoy!! P.S the writing is terrible (not that I'm much better now haha) but I didn't want to adjust it much as it would take away from it being one of my first ever posts!!!

So since I was off today as its a cheeky bank holiday, I thought I would do a day in the life of Holly.

So Holly was awake at 6.30 am this morning. However she didn't actually get up till 8 am.

This was how I found her playing with one of her teddy's, waiting patiently on someone going to get her! So first things first, the nappy  needs to be changed. Even though she doesn't really pee at night. Still nice to have a fresh nappy on. Then it was breakfast time :)

So we had 2 original rusks with 3 oz of milk, a yoggie and 6 oz of milk for brekkie. As you can see she loves food! She ate her rusks ok but she scoffed into her yoggie and milk. When she sees her milk now her little hands actually come out to try and get it lol.
Next she had a play in her ball pit with some of her toys, watching Princess Sofia while I done a little house work and got everyone else ready. This picture is so cute, I had the flash on by mistake and I nearly blinded her lol. She has her Kermit PJ's on, I think they are for boys but I liked them. The little hood has eyes!
 (yip! its now 2016 and she's still a blinker!!)

 Then at 10.30 am it was nap time. Holly normally sleeps for about an hour every day at around 10.30 am. However if your a mum lol you know this can vary. Its nice to have a routine but it can vary quite a bit. She will always have a morning nap though. 

When she woke up she had another yoggie and I changed her into her cow onsie with a little hairband :) Then we were off to Asda for a bit of shopping. I used to sit her in the proper baby seats you get on the trolleys, but since she has been able to sit up on her own, she just kept straining against the straps and then it turned into a screaming match as she's very nosey and like to see what happening. As you can see though she is still strapped in!

 So on the way home she went for a little nap in the car. This is her wee happy face when she wakes up :) Cars are awesome with babies. We could drive to the end of the road and she would be sleeping!! 

After we got back, it was lunch time for Holly 1.30pm and she had an Ella's kitchen Beef Stew for lunch, plus another yoggie. Normally she would have what ever I have made the previous nights before for dinner, which I then freeze but I had forgot to take stuff out the freezer for her.Again she enjoys her food :) not a fussy eater at all (I wish I could still say this!!).We are very lucky with her. 

So after lunch its her big nap time, she will nap for about 2 1/2 hours normally. So from 2 pm till 4.30pm give or take 30 mins. However she is learning to put herself to sleep, so all I done today was take her up while she was awake, but I knew she was tired and just lay her down and she started sucking her finger and away she went. I don't have any pics of this though, as I fell asleep too OOOPS. Only for an hour though!! At 4.30 pm I had to go wake her up as we were about to head out again. We headed through to my parents house to see the cats as they are on holiday at them moment, and Holly had her dinner of Ella's Kitchen Bangers and Mash and a Banana and Strawberry fruit pouch. Then went for her bath.

This is my other cat Arnold that stays with my parents (Arnold is still there!!). He wasn't sure if he could get in there with her or not! Thankfully he didn't, that could of been messy. While I was tidying up Holly watched some Disney Junior and played on the floor. This took up to 8 pm and time to head home. I made a 9 oz bottle of milk for her and sat it out of the bag so it would be cool when we got in.

This was Holly enjoying her last milk feed before bed. She gets a firm 2 bottle feeds a day now, some times 3. One in the morning along with breakfast, sometimes one in the afternoon if shes still hungry after her yoggie and her last one at night. This takes us to 9 pm and bed time for little Holly again :D
I had to change her PJ's as she was all wet with milk (yes she is still a drooler!)

I hope it was enjoyable following Holly. I'm back to work tomorrow, look forward to a day in the life of a working mummy!!

L x

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  1. It is lovely to look back sometimes and remember those special moments or just the everyday things that we forget. I love that Timehop thing on Facebook. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    1. Thats why I started! I love Thursdays now :)

  2. Such a cute little post. Treasure the moments, they are such gold. Life is so very special (: #thelist

  3. Ah so lovely. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  4. I love doing throwback posts. I sometimes do them for this linky when I have no new material to link up. I wrote some good pieces back when I first started that could always use more love. I love all your pictures ... What a doll! Thanks for linking up to #momsterslink.