Thursday, 26 September 2013

Me and My Life

Well hi there guys :)

After having a secret love of writing for years (hence constantly making little lists everywhere and leaving to do lists :) ) and a lot of changes this year I have decided to start a blog!!

One of the biggest changes of my life was becoming a mummy on the 27.02.13 this year to my amazing little girl Holly. Becoming responsible for someone who cant tell you whats up when something is wrong and is totally dependent on you, was a life changing experience as I'm sure all parents will tell you. Having this small person who needs you for the smallest thing is just amazing.

Here is a little about me :)
I am 24 years old and I have a little girl who is now 7 months!! 7 months!! OMG where does time go!! I have an amazing boyfriend called Mark and we all live together, along with multiply animals haha. So far we have 2 cats, 3 rabbits, chameleon, tortoise, african land snail and some shrimps. Not including my 2 stray cats that live with my mum that adopted me when I stayed with them. However I did leave them there when I left home a year and half ago as I was scared they would maybe either not like the new house or try and get back to my mums and get lost. So I made a big decided to leave them where they were happy, and happy they still are :)

I went back to work when Holly was 4 months (hence working mummy :) ) and I do have regrets about going back to work with Holly so young. I have already missed out on her saying dadada and missed out on her being able to sit up for the first time. However I want to be able to give her the best I can, and that means I need to work :( but as long as shes happy so am I.

So since I have talked a lot about me lol, lets get into this blog!!! I put a lot of thought of what this would be about and what would I blog about. So my conclusion was whats better to blog about than my life with a boyfriend, baby and a house full of animals!! All the silly little things that happen, things I learn about whether that's about me or other people and the big milestones.

Ok, well that's it so far guys. Stay tuned for lots more :D

L x


  1. aww! I admire you going back to work :)

    You're very pretty and your baby girl is so stinking cute!! xo