Sunday, 29 September 2013

Holly's Big Girl Breakfast Recipe

Hey!! So Holly had her first big girl breakfast today. I made her a Cheesy Omelet and she really liked it. It was only 1 egg with approx 10g of cheese. But she was chewing away and sooking on it. I was so proud of her!!

Cheesy Egg Omelet

First I preheated a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a small frying pan. I then cracked one egg into a bowl and grated approx 10g of cheese. You could add more or less depends what your baby likes :)

Then I then whisked the egg yolk with a fork and added in the cheese. I had heated up the pan on mark 4. So I added it all in.

I cooked this on a low heat until I seen it starting to bubble. Then I flipped it round. Not a big in the air flip lol. Just a small one with a spatula :D in total it cooked for about 15mins.
I then just put it into her bowl and cut it up into bite size pieces.
AND she loved it!!
She only has two teeth at the bottom of her mouth at the moment. But as long as I cut the food up into small enough bits. She can sook on them and not choke!! All babies are different. You just need to work out what works best for you and your baba :D

Hope you enjoy

L x

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