Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hibernating Butterfly!!

So I know this is really random, but this is one of these things I find when I'm doing my daily routine lol. I was out the other night feeding my rabbits and cleaning cages and such like, just like ever night when I went into the hut to get some stuff and found this butterfly (Red Admiral I think) on the inside lentil of the hut. Now I have always knew that butterflies hibernated during the winter. But it never really clicked until that night.
Now at first I poked it!! as I didn't realise it was hibernating till after I got back into the house. But to be fair if I had left it there a spider would have ate it, as that place is like spiderville! So I did wake it up and I originally moved it to a potato planter I have at my backdoor. Now it wasn't till I got in and I thought OH NO!! it was sleeping!! and I couldn't leave it outside in the open as if it got frosty it would die! So what I did was, I got an old lunch box and I put 4 odd socks in I had lying about (clean btw lol) and I went back out and placed him in there.
Left the lid slightly agar so air could still get in and placed it under one of my rabbit huts.
That way he would sleep safely over the winter but not die in the frost! 
I felt sooooo bad as if you find one hibernating, you shouldn't wake it up. An also you shouldn't touch a butterfly as their wings are very delicate and have a fine waterproofing powder on them and if it comes off, well the wee guys wont be able to fly!!

Here is another picture of it on my hand before I realised what I had done!!

Oh well, I will check on it now and then make sure its ok. Then hopefully in the summer it will just fly away!!
As I said, just one of those random things I find every now and then while on my daily routine :D

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L x

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