Monday, 30 September 2013

Throw Back Thursday - A Monday In The Life Of Holly


Hello from 2016!! I thought I would start up throw back posts on a Thursday (it being throw back Thursdays and all!!) So here is my first throw back to 2013!! Any bits in BOLD are little snippets I have added in today :) Enjoy!! P.S the writing is terrible (not that I'm much better now haha) but I didn't want to adjust it much as it would take away from it being one of my first ever posts!!!

So since I was off today as its a cheeky bank holiday, I thought I would do a day in the life of Holly.

So Holly was awake at 6.30 am this morning. However she didn't actually get up till 8 am.

This was how I found her playing with one of her teddy's, waiting patiently on someone going to get her! So first things first, the nappy  needs to be changed. Even though she doesn't really pee at night. Still nice to have a fresh nappy on. Then it was breakfast time :)

So we had 2 original rusks with 3 oz of milk, a yoggie and 6 oz of milk for brekkie. As you can see she loves food! She ate her rusks ok but she scoffed into her yoggie and milk. When she sees her milk now her little hands actually come out to try and get it lol.
Next she had a play in her ball pit with some of her toys, watching Princess Sofia while I done a little house work and got everyone else ready. This picture is so cute, I had the flash on by mistake and I nearly blinded her lol. She has her Kermit PJ's on, I think they are for boys but I liked them. The little hood has eyes!
 (yip! its now 2016 and she's still a blinker!!)

 Then at 10.30 am it was nap time. Holly normally sleeps for about an hour every day at around 10.30 am. However if your a mum lol you know this can vary. Its nice to have a routine but it can vary quite a bit. She will always have a morning nap though. 

When she woke up she had another yoggie and I changed her into her cow onsie with a little hairband :) Then we were off to Asda for a bit of shopping. I used to sit her in the proper baby seats you get on the trolleys, but since she has been able to sit up on her own, she just kept straining against the straps and then it turned into a screaming match as she's very nosey and like to see what happening. As you can see though she is still strapped in!

 So on the way home she went for a little nap in the car. This is her wee happy face when she wakes up :) Cars are awesome with babies. We could drive to the end of the road and she would be sleeping!! 

After we got back, it was lunch time for Holly 1.30pm and she had an Ella's kitchen Beef Stew for lunch, plus another yoggie. Normally she would have what ever I have made the previous nights before for dinner, which I then freeze but I had forgot to take stuff out the freezer for her.Again she enjoys her food :) not a fussy eater at all (I wish I could still say this!!).We are very lucky with her. 

So after lunch its her big nap time, she will nap for about 2 1/2 hours normally. So from 2 pm till 4.30pm give or take 30 mins. However she is learning to put herself to sleep, so all I done today was take her up while she was awake, but I knew she was tired and just lay her down and she started sucking her finger and away she went. I don't have any pics of this though, as I fell asleep too OOOPS. Only for an hour though!! At 4.30 pm I had to go wake her up as we were about to head out again. We headed through to my parents house to see the cats as they are on holiday at them moment, and Holly had her dinner of Ella's Kitchen Bangers and Mash and a Banana and Strawberry fruit pouch. Then went for her bath.

This is my other cat Arnold that stays with my parents (Arnold is still there!!). He wasn't sure if he could get in there with her or not! Thankfully he didn't, that could of been messy. While I was tidying up Holly watched some Disney Junior and played on the floor. This took up to 8 pm and time to head home. I made a 9 oz bottle of milk for her and sat it out of the bag so it would be cool when we got in.

This was Holly enjoying her last milk feed before bed. She gets a firm 2 bottle feeds a day now, some times 3. One in the morning along with breakfast, sometimes one in the afternoon if shes still hungry after her yoggie and her last one at night. This takes us to 9 pm and bed time for little Holly again :D
I had to change her PJ's as she was all wet with milk (yes she is still a drooler!)

I hope it was enjoyable following Holly. I'm back to work tomorrow, look forward to a day in the life of a working mummy!!

L x

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hibernating Butterfly!!

So I know this is really random, but this is one of these things I find when I'm doing my daily routine lol. I was out the other night feeding my rabbits and cleaning cages and such like, just like ever night when I went into the hut to get some stuff and found this butterfly (Red Admiral I think) on the inside lentil of the hut. Now I have always knew that butterflies hibernated during the winter. But it never really clicked until that night.
Now at first I poked it!! as I didn't realise it was hibernating till after I got back into the house. But to be fair if I had left it there a spider would have ate it, as that place is like spiderville! So I did wake it up and I originally moved it to a potato planter I have at my backdoor. Now it wasn't till I got in and I thought OH NO!! it was sleeping!! and I couldn't leave it outside in the open as if it got frosty it would die! So what I did was, I got an old lunch box and I put 4 odd socks in I had lying about (clean btw lol) and I went back out and placed him in there.
Left the lid slightly agar so air could still get in and placed it under one of my rabbit huts.
That way he would sleep safely over the winter but not die in the frost! 
I felt sooooo bad as if you find one hibernating, you shouldn't wake it up. An also you shouldn't touch a butterfly as their wings are very delicate and have a fine waterproofing powder on them and if it comes off, well the wee guys wont be able to fly!!

Here is another picture of it on my hand before I realised what I had done!!

Oh well, I will check on it now and then make sure its ok. Then hopefully in the summer it will just fly away!!
As I said, just one of those random things I find every now and then while on my daily routine :D

Speak Later

L x

Holly's Big Girl Breakfast Recipe

Hey!! So Holly had her first big girl breakfast today. I made her a Cheesy Omelet and she really liked it. It was only 1 egg with approx 10g of cheese. But she was chewing away and sooking on it. I was so proud of her!!

Cheesy Egg Omelet

First I preheated a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a small frying pan. I then cracked one egg into a bowl and grated approx 10g of cheese. You could add more or less depends what your baby likes :)

Then I then whisked the egg yolk with a fork and added in the cheese. I had heated up the pan on mark 4. So I added it all in.

I cooked this on a low heat until I seen it starting to bubble. Then I flipped it round. Not a big in the air flip lol. Just a small one with a spatula :D in total it cooked for about 15mins.
I then just put it into her bowl and cut it up into bite size pieces.
AND she loved it!!
She only has two teeth at the bottom of her mouth at the moment. But as long as I cut the food up into small enough bits. She can sook on them and not choke!! All babies are different. You just need to work out what works best for you and your baba :D

Hope you enjoy

L x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Friday (27.09.13) Nights Dinner Recipe

Hello from 2016!!

Here is today's throw back post!! I still like to make this recipe only I add a little corn starch to the sauce now to make it a  bit thicker!! Still a good option for my OH's dinner at the weekend :)

Friday nights dinner was home made Piri Piri Chicken!! You can make this spicy or not so spicy. Depends how much heat you like. I though Mark loved heat. However lol, I think it was slightly to spicy for him haha. I have a cold at the moment so when I tasted it, and I thought it was fine and tbh, it was all medium heat stuff I used. When we go to Nandos he normally gets hot sauce. However I will take note!! lol the shop bought stuff is too hot for him in medium! so enough of me blabbing :D lets get into the recipe!

Home Made Piri Piri Chicken

Firstly here is a picture of the ingredients I used.

I used fresh chicken fillets from Asda, Morrison's Piri Piri sauce ( I think I might try get a recipe to make my own Piri Piri sauce tho :) ) and potatoes. You will also need a deep fat fryer and tin foil.

I have an electric cooker and I preheated my fryer on mark 4. I also preheated the oven at 180c fan assisted. By the way if anyone needed help with other oven settings like gas or non fan assisted settings I can help with that. Just leave me a little comment :)

Now first thing Friday morning I put the 2 fillets in separate tin foil and marinated them with the piri piri marinade and left them in the fridge. I closed these up and made little pouches for the fridge. You don't need to do this. You could do this right before cooking. I find it helps the flavour sink into the meat (a vaccum tumble would be better but I don't have one of those in my house lol).

 So when I was preparing the dinner once the oven was up to temp I put these on the oven tray and place them into the oven. I set a timer for 15mins so I knew when to put my chips in.

While I was waiting on the timer, I peeled and chipped my potatoes. I normally always use a wooden chopping board for the veggies and a glass one for meat. That way the veggies don't slip about (and you end up cutting yourself, learnt from experience lol) and the glass board is easier cleaned to get any bad bugs off. If you were to cut the meat on the wooden one, make sure and use hot soapy water to kill and Salmonella or any other bad bugs on it. I just think the glass is easier that way they don't hide in the cut marks on the board.
Sorry!!! side tracked on with the recipe!!

After this step I put them into the fryer. Now I made a bit of a mistake. when I put them in, they didn't hiss. Which means my oil wasn't hot enough to crisp up the outside. Once they have been hissing away for about 5mins I would normally turn the temp down to about 5 or 4 to cook the inside. If you don't do this they might be soggy. But thankfully they weren't!! lol. 

So I cooked these for 25mins and they looked like this :) Does anyone else always get that rouge chip that gets cooked like 100 times and is always put on someones plate but always ends up bk in the fryer??! lol

I cooked the chicken in the oven for a further 20mins after that initial 15min timer went off and this is what I got.

I simply put the two chicken breast with the sauce on to the plate with the chips and placed some chillies on top and DAH DAH DAH :D
Now what you could do to stop the sauce being so runny is place the chicken onto the plate then put the sauce into a pot and bring to the boil. Add about 1/4 of a teaspoon of cornflour and stir in on a simmering heat.This will thicken the sauce. But I didn't have any to hand, this was good enough.

Hope anyone who try's this enjoys :D

L x

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Friday, 27 September 2013

Baby Food Recipe

Here is a throw back for Thursday!! 
How hard is it to believe I will be going back to making this sort of thing in a few months time!! 
Enjoy from L from the future!! :) 
Lx 2016!!

I like to feed Holly as much home made food as I possibly can. However is can be hard specially when you work 9 hours a day with a 40 min in and out of work. But when I do make her food, I always make a lot of it to freeze.

Here is today's baby food recipe : Cheesy Mash Potato's

This will depend on your baby. I know that holly doesn't have any problems with dairy. However if your baby does have a dairy problem, there are a lot of subs you can use instead of the dairy products.

Firstly here are the ingredients you will need.

4 Potato's
Block of cheese
You will also need 150ml of semi skin milk and 25g of butter. I used I cant believe its not butter for this recipe but you can use which ever you normally have in your house.
Grate approx 100g of cheese and boil your potato's until soft
Drain the potato's and mash. As Holly is starting to move on to stage 2 foods. I prefer to leave the potatoes slightly lumpy to make her work her mouth. But if your baby is still at stage 1 of feeding you could mash till there are no lumps or just blits the potatoes.
In the picture above I have added 150ml of milk and 25g of butter. Now mix these all in till all the ingredients have mixed in evenly.
Next add your cheese!! I have grated 100g of cheese to add to the potatoes, as Holly loves cheese flavoured food. But you can add less or more depending how much your baby likes :D

Last but not least. Mix in you cheese and spoon into your baby food pots!!

I got about 6 of these pots for the batch that I made. So I would give this to holly for her lunch along with some juice or water. 
This is a really simple recipe to make specially for the first time mummy's like myself. 

I hope your baby enjoys :)

L x

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