Monday, 29 May 2017

Housewife Vs Working Mum

Well hello!!

Its been a while. Mostly because I felt like I was just churning out horrible content and I have been trying to find That One Thing through Youtube. I am still trying to find it though, we will see.

So housewife vs working mum.

If any of you have followed me for a while you will know I have always been a working mum. I went back to work when Holly was 4 months and I went back when Charlotte was 5 months. Not having a job really scares me, but I'm thinking now I don't know if I can keep this up.

I'm not gonna lie. Working full time 5am - 1pm, my alarm going off at 4am, not getting to bed till 9:30pm, looking after 2 kids during the day (which is pretty full on), housework and trying to keep up with stuff I want to do is absolutely killing me.

My OH is off a Friday and Saturday and I sleep most of Friday as he is there to look after this kids. For example I fell asleep at 7pm on Friday then got back up at 1am!! What even is that!! I'm sleeping on Saturday normally about 9pm. Then he is back to work on Sunday 3pm - 11pm. At which point on a Sunday I can stay up late as I'm not tired, but i need to be in bed for 9ish as I'm back up at 4am on Monday. It is a vicious circle!

I really am starting to struggle a bit with this. I can see my mood starting to deteriorate and I tend to get snappy with the kids. I don't want to be snappy with them but after 6pm at night I want to start to kill people lol!

Don't get me wrong! My OH tries to help. But do you know what its like when you see them hoovering for example, and they leave one room and you think, they have missed that bit, they didn't go round the edges of the furniture and now they are going to do another room. Its a shame and I feel guilty but I am a control freak and I just end up going right back round after him lol.

So probably having all this stuff to do is my own fault! But sometimes I just think, I know we could survive with me not working. Ok we wouldn't be able to go on holiday and we would need to super budget. But we got through 5 months with maternity pay, 3 of which were just a basic £600 a month. I know we could do it.

But not working is frowned upon. An I'm not going to name people who would frown upon it. But I just keep thinking can I keep this up!!

Thanks for reading my rants :)


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Monday, 10 April 2017

Kids Growing Up


I have always been told and there for taught how to raise my children (to an extent). Having had Holly my first at the age of 24 (quite young), I learnt how to pretty much raise her from the Internet, blogs, vlogs and Youtube channels (also me mum! she isn't included in this though!).

I learnt about getting them fully weaned and off the bottle by 1 year old so that you don't have issues with their teeth (then I let her sook her finger which will cause worse problems when shes older!). I learnt about the naughty step and glitter jars (nothing wrong with this part. I still use it). I also learnt about routine and had her (and Charlotte) sleeping all through the night by 3 months. Then both of them were into the cot by 4 and 5 months in their own room.

Recently though, after joining the Channel Mum facebook page and seeing all these other mum having problems with their kids sleeping, not eating well and having just general issues, I have came to a conclusion.

My kids are my kids. Holly wont always want to come cuddle at night and she wont always be trying to sneak into my bed. Charlotte wont always be a baby and is already 7 months and just growing up way to fast. I am at work from 5am - 1pm (which to be fair I should be doing just now!). I miss out on a lot of their days and general growing up. I try to minimise this as much as possible, hence starting at 5am when they are all still asleep. But I still miss out on a fair chunk.

If Holly wants to sneak into my bed for cuddles at night, she is more than welcome to. She wont always want to do this (at 15 years old, then we can call it a problem). If I need to miss mopping the floor one week because Charlotte is awake, in a good mood and wants to play and laugh, so what. My house wont always be messy with kids toys. An when that day comes, I am going to feel so empty inside, knowing I didn't play with the kids or concentrate on them as they were growing, because I needed to clean the house in case anyone came round. Don't get me wrong not mopping and cleaning most nights will be hard to deal with at first (OCD much) but I will do it. I want to see my kids grow and I want to spend as much time with them as possible (even if that means getting punched, kicked and slapped all night).

Thanks Internet for teaching me something useful (for a change!)

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Anonymous Vs Known


I have been thinking over the weekend about starting to let family and friends know about my blog.

As of now I don't do it so much anonymously as I don't hide who we all are. But no one I know (as far as I know) reads this blog. I'm also not sure I want them to know or read it lol. What if they think its rubbish and laugh at me! but then what if they think its a good idea!!

I'm not really sure of the pros to be honest and I'm not really sure of the cons. One con I do know if is that I don't want them to make fun of me. I mean I know my parents and partner wouldn't (even though I'm pretty sure Mark has seen some of it) but what about everyone else...

A pro I can think of just now is I can talk freely on here! I can say what I want and talk about things I maybe can't or don't feel comfortably talking about with people face to face! Do I want people to be able to read that kind of stuff and either be offended or upset I couldn't talk to them. No I don't.

I don't hide it as it is. Everyone has heard me talking about blogging and videos but its not like I have offered up the links or addresses for people to see.

What do you think? Should I start letting people in or keep them out??

Suppose this is more for advice than an actual blog this week. Which BTW I am also struggling with come up with stuff to blog about! That is so unlike me! I normally have a huge list!!


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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Night Time Routine Once The Kids Are Sleeping

Well hello and welcome to another post by me!

I am currently looking for a new mattress and seen the  Leesa Mattresses website and It got me thinking and I was inspired to do a night time routine post, as I was thinking about how important a good night sleep actually is! Specially when you are like me and you have a 6 month old baby, who likes to get up at 6am and a 4 year old who loves to sneak into your bed at night.

A lot of people think that health is about dieting, eating clean and working out. But sleep is super important as well! You need to have a good nights sleep in order to function properly the next day. Here is how I get ready for my bed and a good nights sleep!

On a normal night all the kids are in bed by 8pm (its currently 7pm, 1hr to go...). Now its mum time!!
Friday night is bath night for me (I do shower during the week lol), I just find that lying in a hot bath either reading my book or watching youtube is one of the most relaxing times of the week for me. Once I am in I will slap on a face mask. I do LOVE the lush ones but lets face it, I don't always have one.

I love to a variety of things to the bath from lush bombs to Epsom salts. I LOVE lavender!

Once I have had a good soak it hair washing time. I find nothing more relaxing than being freshly washed in nice fresh warm towels.

Once I'm out I help myself to a hot chocolate on my Dulce Gusto (caramel is the flavour of the month) and I sit down to have a look at my laptop (maybe shop a bit!), or read my book (currently Goodnight Mr Tom). Even occasionally I might actually talk to my other half...

Once my hot chocolate is finished I will head back up stairs to brush, floss and stick on a whitening strip. This is when I will go into my room stick on the lights on the back of my bed, put a candle in my salt candle holder (need them ions) and chill on my bed.

Last but not least, I will blow out my candle switch off the lights and snuggle down for some well earned rest!

Sleep is one of the most important times of my day. I work full time, up at 4am for work. Then once I'm home, I am on my feet all day cleaning and sorting out the house and of course, running about after the kids. Having a comfy mattress when I go to sleep is one of the most important things in my night time routine. If you were to ask Holly on her way home from nursery, where do you think mummy is, she would say in bed haha. I love sitting relaxing in bed as well as sleeping. So the mattress I have is super important. If you are looking for some great mattress options, you should have a look at the Leesa website it has some great mattress options!

Did you know you should be changing your mattress ever 8 years! I find its always one of those things your forget to do. Evening turning the mattress every 6 months can help with aches and pains.

I would love to know what you do to relax (specially if you have kids!)

Speak soon

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Olsson Haircare Review


A couple of months back I was contacted by Olsson Haircare and asked to do a review on their Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Spray Mousse and Conditioner Spray. An I said yeah why not!!

Here is the blurb on Olsson Haircare website 
The Olsson technical hair team spent years perfecting the formulations at their Danish labs, to ensure there’s no added colour, parabens or perfume. By leaving out these nasties, Olsson products are less likely to irritate or cause allergies, as well as helping to prevent further allergic reactions. But Olsson isn’t just for those of us suffering from sensitivities, it also is great for anyone who wants high performance products that aren’t highly scented or crammed with unnecessary additives, so effectively cleanses, conditions and renews hair and scalp without a hint of irritation.

Before I start. All opinions on this review are my own. I was not payed to do this review, however, Olsson was kind enough to send these products in full size out to me to try.

Lets start with the facts!

All of these products listed above are allergen friendly. They are also fragrance, paraben and colourant free. To start with I love the sleek packaging. I think the fact that its white with light and medium dark blue writing really stands out to me. For some reason those colours just scream sensitive product to me.

I have been using these products for the last couple of months and I love them. Not only was I using them. But because they are sensitive product, I can use them on the kids! I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner spray on Holly. An then just the shampoo on Charlotte and we have had no issues. 

The only downfall I have found is it is fragrance free and I do like  my hair to smell nice, which obviously you don't get with this. But I use dry shampoo even when I just wash my hair for volume so I found that that help with making my hair smell nice. 

The shampoo and conditioner are light to use. I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine. So I find some shampoos and conditioners can be quite heavy in my hair. But I had no problems with this one. I would then (on a normal day) use the leave in conditioner spray in the ends of my hair before blow drying and it just made it so much easier to brush.

On nights where I was doing something nice and I had a reason to wash my hair (not just because my hair stood on end itself) I also used the Hair Spray Mousse and I loved this stuff. It gave my hair volume and held it is place all night long!

I would definitely give these products a 8 / 10. I really did love the fact I could use the same shampoo on everyone. I will be sad when they are finished haha.

Let me know if you give them a try!!
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Monday, 6 March 2017

Where To Start

Well hello!!

I have no idea where to start or how to get back into this blogging thing!!

It is currently 06:01am and I am starting my second month back at work full time after having had my second baby Charlotte - Willow.

I am really struggling now to find time to get everything I want to do in a day done. Looking after the sprogs, playing with the sprogs, reading my book (just one chapter is all I ask!), housework (giving at least one room a day a proper clean), editing videos, blogging and lets not forget about sleeping since I'm up at 4am to hit work again the next day.

This working full time and being a mum certainly isn't easy. An more times that I like to admit, its the kids who suffer.

At some point something will give and I'm hoping its the housework ha ha.

Some nights everything is down to a T. Then we have nights like last night, I have a 6month old throwing a tantrum because she is tired (really!! your tired! you who gets to sleep all day is tired!) and a 4 year old having a tantrum because she needs to poo but doesn't want to (I'm sorry, WHAT!!) and everything is up in the air! I have two bags from last Friday I need to unpack still and we are currently on Tuesday of the following week now!

I have blog posts piling up like crazy to write reviews on and finding the time is like finding gold dust at the moment.

No one said it was easy, but no one tells you the cold hard facts either.

I am going to try get more into a routine. Start adding little bits in here and there each day till I can fit everything in. An who needs sleep anyway! I can sleep when I'm older...

Speak soon (hopefully!)
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Day In The Life - Youtube


Long time no speak :)

Since I last updated on here I have recently started back work after nearly 5 months maternity leave, and let me tell you it’s a struggle this time round!!

First time round with Holly, I didn't really know what I was going to miss. So it wasn't as hard. This time round I know what I am missing while my kid is at a child minders and I am working. And don't even get me started on the attachment issues Holly had because I was working. Let’s just say they weren't with me!

So while I was off, I kind of started to upload more days in the life videos on my YouTube channel. Then Mark only went and bought me a fancy little camera to use for my Christmas!! So now I need to do them as I am not wasting 300 and odd pound!!

So here is my channel link Do feel free to have a look and leave me a comment so we can chat!!

I am thinking of changing names and redoing banners. It’s just finding the time just now to do it all!!

I am trying to work on a schedule so I can start blogging, youtubing, house cleaning, pet care and lets not forget looking after the family all while working full time!!

I will have a life updates up soon as there is a lot going on and some very exciting stuff happening this year (well I think it is haha)

Speak soon


P.S I am still looking for That one thing!!